• Tel: +91 +91 22 40227188
  • Mail: info@symbolindia.com
  • Tel: +91 +91 22 40227188
  • Mail: info@symbolindia.com

Founder of Symbol

Nitin Potdar
Lawyer & IPR Law Consultant

  • +91 +91 22 40227188
  • 30 Years Experience Level
  • nitin@symbolindia.com
  • Mumbai
IPR Law Consultant

Nitin Potdar, a Lawyer and IPR Law consultant, heads Symbol. Mr. Potdar has a combined experience of twenty years in informer running and anti-counterfeiting activity throughout world. We are headquartered in Mumbai, the commercial hub of India and branches at Indore for Central India, at Delhi for Northern India.
We have handled brand protection issues of several global and local companies in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, computer hardware and software, machine tools etc.Our team also gained invaluable experience in the sales and marketing fields and has intimate knowledge of the packaging industry, which has helped him crack a number of intellectual property rights violation cases for his clients.