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About Us


INSPIRATION - A spiritual power in my life, which I love to share.

A few years ago, an old priest came to me and gave me a flat Shree Yantra. And when I placed it in my house, amazingly everything was started positive to me and after that, I thought I will share my joy to each every human being those who are tired but it was very difficult for me to think about how can I help out them than, and suddenly an idea sparked in my mind,

To create one embossed “Shree Yantra” and Let maximum human beings benefited by this divine “ Shreeparni Shree Yantra.

Fortunately, God sent an artist to me who can give the real shape to the “Wood of Sheeparni” into “Shree Yantra”.

Now you can buy this real Shreeparni Shree Yantra online from this site.

I hope YOU are also the next lucky person among us.


- Mr. Shreeram Jangid