Our Mission is to focus on academic excellence and versatility, which will motivate the students to build up there career in technical field and to bring their creative and latent potential to make them innovative technocrates dedicated to our country.

Our Vision Is To wquip the students with quality education by implementing technical knowledge with the latest technology and findings, so that they become an active participant in the world of modern technology and development.

The institute intends to provide knowledge and education under the core values:

Accessbility and efficiency.

Concern to over all development.

Social responsibility.

Upliftment, equality and self discipline.


1 Offering need base academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses.

2. Providing access to quality of education to empower students about their coutribution in the growth of state and their by nation.

3. Signing memorandum of understanding with surrounding industries, to give on the floor training and exposure to the Industries.