Sales & Service

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Sales & Service

The Gujarat Transformer Group sales organization is structured to ensure the shortest possible lines of communication between customers and Group companies. This goal is achieved by working through a network of small, efficient sales offices and specialist representatives with an expert knowledge of local conditions and of the customer’s requirements. Sales offices operate through India.

Customer Service

Inquiries and orders are handled by multi disciplinary customer service teams, where technical, commercial and administrative skills are blended exactly as needed to deliver what each different customer type demands.The right product at the right time at the right price.

Each customer service team is therefore specialized in processing inquiries and orders with very specific characteristics in terms of customer requirements and/or transformer types. This results in a high degree of overall customer responsiveness illustrated by timely return of fully detailed quotations, high delivery reliability with orders and fast information exchange throughout the contract period ensuring well informed customers.
The customer service teams work closely together with the Logistics Department (Purchasing, Planning, Transport and Invoicing) and the After-Sales Department in order to guarantee the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.

After Sales Services

The GUJARAT TRANSFORMER organization offers an extensive range of support services to customers after delivery of their transformers, including:

  • a Z4-hour helpline, with teams on permanent standby to carry out all possible urgent repairs, etc.
  • maintenance and repairs to transformers either on-site or in our well-equipped workshops.
  • oil sampling
  • – to assess the insulating condition of the liquid
  • – to analyze dissolved gases
  • – to determine PCB content
  • drying, degassing and filtration of the coolant
  • oil cleansing to remove PCBs
  • supply of spare parts
  • provision of replacement transformers
  • modifications such as:
  • connections (e.g. bottom entry or top entry cables)
  • Replacement or conversion of accessories such as Buchholz relays, liquid level indicator gauges, pressure relays, etc.
  • Overhaul and replacement of the off-circuit tap changer increasing transformer power capacity by converting to forced cooling (installation of fans, etc.)
  • Training for customer’s maintenance staff.
  • Advice to customers on how to operate and maintain their transformers.