Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance


Research and Development, Design, Production, Quality Control, Logistics and Administrative Services. The Human Resources department maintains an ongoing programme of quality consciousness and quality enhancement training for all the company’s employees.

Within the GUJARAT TRANSFORMER organization, quality control is carried out at each design and production phase through a self-assessment system.

Each workstation has a description of the tasks to be carried out and the accompanying quality control procedures. A component is passed on to the next workstation only after the worker concerned has carried out the specified quality control procedures and approved the component. Any material or component failing a quality test is rejected immediately.

Thus each worker checks his (her) own production and regards the next workstation as his (her) customer. The quality department monitors all quality control documents and carries out additional inspections at strategic points in the production process. This allows immediate action to be taken and any modifications to be made as required.

Materials purchased from approved suppliers are subject to goods inwards checking which can vary from simple identification to comprehensive testing in the physical chemistry laboratory. All raw material and component suppliers must meet ISO standards.

Each transformer is subjected to the full range of specified tests before release to the customer. Testing to IEC,IS or ANSI specifications includes all routine testes and measurements and may be complemented by type and / or special tests. These supplementary testes are carried out either on the customer’s requests or as part of an internal sampling procedure to ensure continuous quality monitoring.

All testing is performed within the company with the exception of dynamic short circuit tests, which are contracted out to accredited external laboratories such as ERDA,CPR| and other independent testing institutions. Many customers have carried out quality audits and inspections in the various GUJFORMER facilities and repeat them regularly to assure themselves of a consistently high quality level. In addition to the national and international standards, e.g. IEC, ISO, etc., some customers also use their own measuring and testing schemes which often involve tests in independent laboratories.