Gas Purification Panel      
        Installation Diagram for GC
  Introduction     Installation Diagram for AAS / ICP-ICP-MS

Gas Purification panel is used to remove the vapours impurities like Moisture, CO, CO2, Hydrocarbon from N2O, Argon & Acetylene. Gas Purification for AAS & ICP-MS is Optional one can also used gas distribution panel instead of gas purification panel.

Salient Features

Deliver Ultra High Pure (UHP) Grade Gases
Compact Design, Wall Mounted, Powder Coated
Filters are easily detachable
Suitable for 10kg/cm2 inlet pressure & 7 kg /cm2 outlet pressure
Panel for LC-MS-MS & other applications are also available

  Advantages of Gas Purification panel      
  Reduce baseline noice, drift problems, etc,      
  Increase column life, GC Detectors & reduces flame problems      
  Improve reproducibility      
  Save costly gases through toggle valves & gas distribution panel      
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