Laminar   Bio Saftey Cabinet   Pass Box

With all accessories which are working table of S.S. 304 HEPA of .3 of an efficiency of 99.97% down to 0.3 micron media is of glass fiber & made of pleats back & fro in an anodized aluminium frame (with Test Report).

Pre filter of dry fiber washable type with the frame of on all the sides Confirm the International standards 209 E. Statically Balanced motor blower Assembly (Heavy Duty). Velocity at the output of HEPA is 90+-20 FPM. The body is made of laminated board duly satin finished wherever necessary. Front & side Door of Acrylic Sheet (Transparent).Gas cock/Burner.

Noice level is very low.
Vibration is also very low
Normal working fluorescent Light.
Static Pressure Manometer
U.V. Light


Application include isolation and indentification of plant/human pathogens, work in virology, tissue culture, sterility testing and recombinants DNA research.

This Biohazard Cabinet offers operators protection from low to moderate risk biological agents while providing a sterile work environment for the procedure.

The Cabinet is kept under negative pressure wi th partial quantity of recirculated air exhausted through a HEPA filter.

The additional main features are as under:

  • Specialy suited for wet processing, water fab, Chemical work.
  • Standard S.S. table peripheral of fully perforated.
  • Exhaust ducting to carry the air outside.
  • Front sliding door, U.V. light, Manometer, Gas cook etc



The pass box is an equipment normaly installed on the wall between the clean room and any other room.

It is used for transfer of material from and into the clean room, without contaminating the air of clean room and without having to open room door.

This is achieved with the help of interlocking type doors of pass box.


It is made of Stainless Steel and all its external & internal surfaces. Each hinged door has wide glass viewing window, through which material kept in the pass box can be seen.

Internal & External Body is made of S.S. 304. These doors are mechanical interlocked type, so only one door can be opened at a time. U.V. & fluorescent light is provided in the chamber.