Humidity/Stability Chamber


Humidity Control Oven can generate & maintain above ambient temp. below ambient temp.,and humidity. It is specifically designed for application of various testing under low temp. & with control humidity.


These Humidity Ovens are used for Pharmaceuticals, Zeological testing, Material & componentTesting, Conditioning of samples, Prior to test, Climate & durable Test of electrical & Electronic apparatus, Control penals, Electronic components, Chemical Testing, as well as TQA Requirement test etc etc. It can be used as a simulated Tropical & extreme tropical conditions.

  • Fully automatic, temp.control-Micro control Based.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Top Control Penal.
  • Obstruction free working space.
  • Digi.Temp.Indicator & Control (Micro Control).
  • Sensitive Temperature sensor Pt-100 type.
  • Floor model.
  • Caster wheel for easy moveability.
  • Elegant outlook, enamel painted/powder coated.
  • Glass door/window to see through.
  • Forced air circulation.
  • Humidity Control by dry & wet principal.
  • Digital Humidity Indication (Optional).
  • Stainless Steel steam boiler.
  • Panel Meters-Volt & Ampere.
  • Suitable for climatic & durable tests.
  • Auto Water level control.
  • Humidity Chamber without cooling system can also be supplied.
  The unit is of double walled construction. The exterior chamber is made of mild steel and finished in non corrosive paint or powder coated and interior chamber is made of heavy gauge polished stainless steel.Between two chamber glass-wool/thermocole insulation is provided. Glass window/Door is provided to see the operation without disturbing the control condition inside the chamber. An outside metal door with
lock is provided. The unit rest on castor wheel.
  [A] Chamber is heated by long lasting air heater to eliminate failure of heater.
[B] Boiler heater is of immersion type heater.
  Using hermatically sealed compressor coupled with evaporation coil & fan cooled
  Control panel is provided on the top of the unit consisting of Mains switch, Mains indicator, Ampere
meter, Voltmeter, Wet bulb Digital Indicator cum Controller, Wet bulb Indication pilot lamp, Dry bulb
Digital Indicators cum Controller, Dry bulb indication pilot lamp (For cooling cycle-heating cycles), Low
water level controller fitted and connected through circuit to boiler heater low level pilot lamp(will not
glow if water level is below requirements), Door heater switch (Optional), Chamber light switch (Opti.)
  OPERATING VOLTAGE : 230 Volts Single Phase, 50Hz, AC
ACCU +/-1 D.C.
ACCU +/-3% RH
6 (165 Ltr)
70 x 50 x 50
10 to 60 Deg.C
40% 95% RH
Stainless Steel
10(280 Ltr)
90 x 55 x 55
10 to 60 Deg.C
40% 95% RH
Stainless Steel
12(330 Ltr)
90 x 65 x 58
10 to 60 Deg.C
40% 95% RH
Stainless Steel
16(440 Ltr)
90 x 70 x 70
10 to 60 Deg.C
40% 95% RH
Stainless Steel
28(810 Ltr)
100 x 90 x 90
10 to 60 Deg.C
40% 95% RH
Stainless Steel
36(1000 Ltr)
100 x 100 x100
10 to 60 Deg.C
40% 95% RH
Stainless Steel
  • Suitable Voltage Stabilizer.
  • Chamber illumination with programmable timer
  • Digital Lux Meter.
  • Circular Chart Recorder for Dry & Wet Temp.