AutoClave(Verticle)   AutoClave(Horizontal)     OCirculating Waterbath
  • Vertical cylindrical construction occupies less space.
  • Easy to move.
  • Double walled construction.
  • Provided with drainage at bottom.
  • Autoclaving.
  • Sterilisation of culture media.
  • Sterilisation of utensils.
  • Sterilisation of Glasswares.
The water bath is used to circulate hot water in particular area/instrument like B.R. Apparatus OR ABBE Refractrometer.
Temprature is controlled by Thermostatically/Digital Temprature Controller,Inner Chamber SS-304, Outer MS duly powder quoted.
  • Foot lifting arrangement.
  • Perforated Basket (S.S.).
  • Water level Indicator.
  • Thermometer pocket brass.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator.
  • Dial Thermometer.
  • Timer.
  • Temperature control - Thermostat or Digital.
  • Pressure Control (AUTO).
  • Radial Locking System.
  • Outer chamber Stainless Steel.
Temperature range from room temperature to 100 C. Tem. is Controlled by Termostat/Digital Temp. Controller with an accuracy of + - 0.5 C.Double walled inside made of stainless stell 304 Quality and Outside Mild Steel sheet painted in epoxy powder coating.Oscillating tray is riding on ball rollers. Shaking speed range 40 to 140 rpm.To Work on 220/230 Volts A.C. Supply.