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Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt Ltd. is an upcoming enterprise in the field of technology and health oriented consumer products. It offers varied yet unique and innovative products that help to live an enhanced and healthier lifestyle in these changing times. The company has multiple outlets of electronic items, wherein they offer thoughtful combinations of different electronic items at affordable prices. Wardwizard believes in excellence in work, and is paving its way towards success by offering innovation and setting a benchmark for quality.


Wardwizard the umbrella brand which comprises of VYOM brand of car purifiers, air purifiers, water purifiers and hydrogen water cup, source from across the globe now offers Joy E Bike, the battery powered bicycle. Joy e-bike is a cool, funky battery powered bicycle, the latest offering by Wardwizard Solutions India Private Limited. Wardwizard has bid for PBS projects across smart cities in India & is likely to make it as a top player in the PBS Domain of urban mobility.

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Mission & Vision
Offer products that help to make their life healthier, easier and secure.To make the company products ‘a must-have’ for India’s every household.
Affordable Range
WardWizard aim is to provide healthcare solutions at an affordable price to one and all around the world. All its products are designed to suit varied needs of customers and for different types of end usage.
Premium Quality
Innovation has been the lifeblood of WardWizard and forms not a part but its existence. WardWizard is an ISO 9001:2015 company and most of its products are tested and certified by renowned laboratory ARAI.
We acknowledge that every individual brings different perspectives and capabilities to the team and a strong team is built on high moral values and fair practice. We provide equal opportunities for growth to all our employees and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.
We give highest value to our customers’ requirements and do everything possible to provide them complete satisfaction. We are a conscious, compassionate and high-principled provider of authentic service enhancing customer experience at every touchpoint and fulfilling the needs comprehensively, fast and efficiently.
Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. At Ward Wizard we conduct our business with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and fairness and develop relationships based on trust. Our core values and philosophy are the foundation for every business decision we make.
We are team players and team builders. We openly communicate across all levels of organization because we believe that success can be achieved through collective efforts committed to achieving common defined goals. Our employees are encouraged to participate in the decision making process and we believe that teamwork leverages one’s individual strengths.

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Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

Yatin Gupte
Yatin Gupte
Fonder& Chairman
Vijay Adhav
Vijay Adhav
Depute CEO
Mandar Bhalerao
Mandar Bhalerao
Co. Chairman